Oct 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Charisse!

Wow, I can't believe it has been so long. Life has been just absolutely crazy! Doug and I are usually on campus by 8 or 9 AM and we don't leave until 6 or 8 PM. We try to get everything done on campus so fortunately we get to relax when we come home and sometimes weekends too.

Speaking of relaxing weekends, this last weekend was awesome. I got to go "fun shopping" (finally) with Katie Nelson and some money my mom gave me to buy a nice pea coat - PS: always go shopping with Katie if you want to find good deals and have a good time!

This is the gorgeous coat we found for $53 at Nordstrom (it was on sale from $90)! I tried on the red coat too - but this one worked perfectly so I just had to get it.

Oh, and I got the hat at Nordstrom too ... CUTE!

So, thanks Mom for a wonderful birthday present :).

Katie and I also went to Kohl's (where I found some adorable pants and FOUR DOLLAR BELTS... yeah, it was sweet) and Plato's closet.
It was fab. My favorite steal from that store was some cute white, peep toe shoes for $8. Similar to this one:

Anyways, it was a blast and I was so glad to get out and do something fun and girly.