Jul 31, 2012


Hey so wow, our garden is producing!! And by 'our' I mean my mom's which I'm tending for her while she's away... I didn't really help that much in planting, but it's still so rewarding to harvest the vegetables and herbs (and then EAT them!), and see the flowers bloom.

What a cute little eggplant!
In the picture below you'll see how great of a gardener I am - it's obvious that I don't know how to weed or prune lol... I basically just water and hope things turn out okay. Well, it's good enough for us!  You can see parsley, sage, several types of basil, and even dill (the teeny weensy yellow flowers in the upper right of the picture is the dill plant). And I think that's a squash? How that got in the herb section I have no idea...

I don't have pictures of them, but we're also growing cabbage, green beans, cucumber (which looks really weird, btw), three types of tomatoes, and more herbs than I know what do with.

This zucchini is practically a foot long!

Yeah, our garden is kind of getting out of control
Even though I'm not the best at it, gardening is really cool! I'm definitely inspired to do this when we have a house. Correction: when we have a backyard.

Jul 19, 2012

A month of fun!

We are having so much fun being a family of three. And even more fun spending our summer here with our families too.

Ben has been all over the capital region and seen the sights.
He's been to the mall, twice - what a trooper!
The movies (Brave) and slept through the whole thing.
Gio's, duh; five guys, carrabbas, gio's.
Around the block.
In the sink.
On the porch. Yeah, we're pretty adventurous.
Schoharie. Like I said, adventurous :)
The lakehouse (not the lake yet...).
To a sketchy urgent care center (yay for strep!) where the receptionist wanted to hold him. Um no, but thanks anyway, how about you do your job and stay away from my baby!

Anyway... Doug is happy at work, I LOVE being at home, and Ben is the best baby. What could be better?
It has been soo fun getting to know Benjamin. He is so serious all the time. Here's a picture of Ben with his favorite 2nd cousin (okay, he hasn't met any other 2nd cousins...) and a classic serious face:

We think he must be a pretty contemplative dude.

We get a lot of these faces too!
Ben loves his pacifier, this penguin mirror thing Sarah got for him (he stares at it like nobody's business), car rides, being outside, tummy time, being held and carried, being sung to (too bad I don't have the best voice) and being read to (especially by his dad); he doesn't seem to mind baths, diaper changes, kids holding him, or loud noises. I love this phase - I want him to stay little forever!

 He's an excellent sleeper but this last week he has had a hard time napping. So, for example, he'll sleep for 2  or 3 four hour stretches at night (awesome!) but during the day he'll go down for a nap and wake up several times in one hour. We'll figure it out, I'm not worried.

Benjamin is so great at telling us he needs something. I say that because he doesn't cry unless he needs something. So it's really quite simple to provide and care for him. Thank you, Ben!