Mar 15, 2013

Not your mother's cooking - literally!

Happy pi day +1. 

Yesterday Miriam called me telling me to make a pie. I suggested buying one instead. Well, because I'm frugal and I've never celebrated pi day before I decided not to buy a pie. Then I remembered I had an extra pie crust in my fridge and decided to make one anyway. And I made a pizza pie. BONUS!

I'm not buying a nice camera any time soon so you'll have to suffer with my less-than-adequate photos...

banana creme pi(e)!!
 I used Cooks recipe and it turned out pretty good. It's a custardy vanilla filling with meringue on top. Still, I love my mother's version so much more that I'll never try another recipe and just stick to hers!

mushroom pizza
Oh how I love homemade pizza. This particular pizza had about 10:1 ration of toppings to crust, haha. In my opinion, that's the way to do it. 

Mar 5, 2013


The first month of my new cleaning goal (read: regimen) is complete! I successfully mopped, planned meals and spent 15 min in the master bedroom each Monday.

Fate had a interesting way of jumpstarting my Tuesday cleaning today... Let's not go into too much detail and just say that somehow my carpet is now decorated with 138 in (11 feet, 6 inches!! Yes, I measured) of sweet potato chicken puree. BONUS: it happened in the TV room so it's totally counting as my cleaning today. Hurrah!

Also, while out and about, Ben had his second blowout ever (the first one happened minutes after coming home from the hospital). Of course I didn't bring diapers, wipes, or extra clothes...because Ben is 9 months now and we can last a few hours without the monster bag, right? Fortunately we were at Ben's friend's house so they outfitted him after he had his second bath of the day. (Thank you,  Karrie!) Usually he gets 3 baths a week - if he's behaved, that is ;).

So, how about that? Oh, and I got the puree out, mostly.