Jun 28, 2009

"Home sweet home"

So, a couple of you have expressed interest in seeing our little apartment. Well, I have to say that even though it has been six weeks, it still has only basic furnishing haha. See for yourself:

This is the free table we got at a ward "drop and swap." We sometimes put a pretty tablecloth over it, but Doug likes how it matches the chairs... and Chris said, "it's cool, in a ghetto kind of way." So that's our dining room :).

This is our cute little kitchen, we got a new floor a couple days ago and we should be getting a new countertop and carpet within the next few months.

And this is our living room. The couch and the entertainment set were free... we just need a TV to fit inside. The flowers are the ones I mentioned before btw, they are stil alive :). Our goal is to have pictures up by the end of the week...

And this is our cute bathroom.. This concludes the tour of our house - Doug was sleeping, so unfortunately I didn't get our room.

Jun 22, 2009

Back to Ballet

So I started classes today, which probably means I will be writing less often. But that's not really possible because I've only posted once so far...
Anyway, I'm super excited about this new semester. I'm taking a ballet class, humanities, and children's literature. I just had my first class of ballet this morning (7:30-9:30 every day) and it was killer, even though tomorrow I'm sure I'll be hurtin' even more. I'm just glad that I get to stay in shape and keep up something that I love to do!

Meanwhile, Doug is still working for the stats and education departments. He is researching anthrax and jokes that, "I've learned that anthrax is bad for you." I'm pretty sure he's developing a technique/program that will help identify if a substance is anthrax in about 5 minutes (but I don't really understand it anyway so for all I know he's up to no good... like Jack Bauer in 24!). Speaking of 24, we have found real application from Doug's job to season 3 (the one with the biochemical terrorists) and testing the powder and the people. They have to wait several hours to find out, Doug is trying to minimize that time. Therefore, we have a good reason to keep watching 24, right?

Jun 17, 2009

The Beginning

So, this is really exciting but I don't know where to start!
So after a month of living in our little Wymount apartment I finally feel like we have started to make it our home. Thanks Brian's Craigslist addiction and Doug's frugality we pretty much got all of our furniture for free!
This whole process of getting married and moving in has been a lot of fun, and there have definitely been a lot of changes. For one, we don't go out to eat as much anymore - this is an interesting situation because, as much as Doug likes eating out, he dislikes spending the money and now that we're married, we tend to choose to stay home and enjoy a delicious homecooked meal by yours truly (I do have to mention that Doug often contributes, ie: he made some delicious chili last night!). Don't get to thinking that our lives are now boring by any means... Yesterday, Doug bought me some beautiful flowers imported from Holland and reminded me that it was our 8-month anniversary of official dating. AND he picked up our entire house (as huge as it is...). Isn't he so sweet? Anyway, life is wonderful :).

P.S. I know that the flowers are not really from Holland...