Jun 21, 2012

Hello, world!

Today is Benjamin's seventh day of life and he is loving it! How could he not?

He was born on June 15th (00:28) weighing in at 6 lbs 13 oz. At his doctor's appointment yesterday he weighed 7 lbs. What a good little eater!

He already blesses our lives so much. The first blessing he gave us (me) was only taking 6 hours to be born, thank you!

We love to just look at him.

We came home from the hospital Saturday afternoon. Benjamin was so excited to be home he soiled 3 outfits in 15 minutes! I seriously don't know how he can soak his whole outfit while keeping his diaper dry. He's obviously quite talented.

And we can't get enough of him. 

Welcome to the world, little guy!

Janet Markham took these perfect pictures.

Jun 4, 2012


As of today there have been 11,111 views of my blog - pretty cool, huh? 1 more or 1 less wouldn't have been nearly as exciting.

Evidently, this baby hasn't decided to make his appearance yet so we're still chugging along doing fun things here and there.

Still goofy

Still happy
Daniel loves lacrosse!
 Wanna see him score??
He's #25

We went to Proctors to see Beauty and the Beast!

It was super fun :)

Belly shot in my lime green, childhood bathroom
38 weeks

Look at my mom's cute shoes!
And face of course. :)
We seriously do hang out with Doug's family, for some reason I've just forgotten to take pictures whenever we do! This weekend we went to Schoharie and had dinner with grandparents, cousins and aunts and uncles. I love living so close to so much family - there is always so much going on that's it's easy to keep busy.