Apr 26, 2012


On Tuesday Doug and I celebrated our third anniversary! In the morning I surprised him with a candy bouquet (I forgot to take pictures before all the candy was removed from their skewers haha) and he surprised me with two dozen roses delivered in the middle of the day:

After work/school we went to Nana's Restaurant where I enjoyed a delicious risotto, braised veal, shrimp with red peppers. Yumminess! Doug ordered their house spaghetti with lamb meatballs. He said it tasted more like noodles in french onion soup than anything, hah! For dessert I had creme brulee and Doug had their homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. The atmosphere was classy and the food, divine. What a wonderful day.

And what a better way to end the day than a few episodes of Monk.

Thanks, Doug!

Apr 21, 2012

Sewing Class

I took a 5 class course to learn how to use my sewing machine (good thing too - I didn't know it could do half the things I learned!). It's been super fun getting back into sewing. I posted some animal pillows I made earlier in the year and I've made "lots" more stuff but they are mostly all gifts so I can't post them yet haha. Anyway, here are some techniques I learned how to do in some of my classes:

ruffle one fabric while simultaneously attaching a non-ruffled piece 

insert a zipper

gather (without pulling threads by hand!)

sew knits together/make a neckline
insert buttonholes!

gather - using a cord (the cord would go on the back s you don't see it, duh...)

Half these things I can't actually do without buying the correct "feet" so if you're looking for something to get me, a gift card to Thimble Pleasures might be nice ;).

Sewing isn't the only thing I've been doing:

making artisan bread

and eating it!

to grow the little guy inside me :).
This is from 30 weeks - I'm now 32 weeks!
Holey moley!
Holy moly?
Holy moley??

Apr 14, 2012

Among Other Things

Among other things this week...such as being cited in the WSJ and co-authoring an article that will be published in the Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural  Development later on... Doug's been a busy man. Right?

Everyone knows this is what Doug actually does all day:

Mario Teaser

Choose the 'Wrong'

That's all folks

I mean really, who gets published twice in one week?? Congrats, babe :).