Nov 26, 2012


Can you say, "airhead"?
I honestly don't know how that happened.
I'm tempted to not take out the 320 stitches required to fix it but to somehow patchwork it....
Please advise.

Ugh, I'll just do it.

Nov 9, 2012

Christmas (not so much) Surprises

Doug is too smart for his own good, it seems. And so are advertising algorithms!

I really can't think of one gift that I have given to Doug he hadn't already figured out. Wait - I take that back, I know of one. So this year I was going to try really hard and not give him any clues, intentionally or otherwise, so that I could actually surprise him! Is that really too much to ask?

I decided to get him a nice, indoor basketball. Exciting right? Well, you may not think so, but it's actually quite astonishing that we don't own one already. Naturally I look online (can I just say that I'm so looking forward to cyber Monday!). I even log out of Amazon so that they don't put it under "recent searches." Clever, right? Well later that day Doug is playing with Ben on the floor, listening to Pandora and guess what the ad is for? You guessed it - a new basketball!!!! "Sweetie, did you buy me a new basketball?" I hear from the living room. What is a woman to do? Sheesh. Instead of trying to play dumb (which I would have been horrible at) I get mad at both him and Pandora for making the connection.

Why me?

Don't worry, I have something else up my sleeve ;).

Nov 7, 2012


I voted! And it felt great. It really is electrifying to be participating in something with the rest of the United States!

I've always said I dislike politics, but in reality I dislike conflict. Most of the times those two go together though! I wouldn't say that I enjoy politics, but Doug would be happy to hear that I don't mind listening to (and occasionally participating in) friendly political discussions. In the privacy of my own home, when it's just the two of us, I will talk about anything and everything. That's one of the perks to marrying an intelligent, level-headed, considerate man!

So yes, I have thought through the issues (those important to me).
Yes, I have my own reasons for voting for Romney.
No, I'm not going to talk about them on my blog because the atmosphere is too tense.
No, I'm not arrogant enough to think that many of you care about why I voted how I did.
But if you do, you can ask me my reasons as long as you're respectful.
Yes, if I'm honest, I'd rather you don't ask... haha, but I'll answer you anyway.
And yes Doug would be ecstatic if you asked him :).

So, how about a picture of Benjamin?