Dec 13, 2012

The Plunge

Yes! We bought a TV. 47 in Vizio razor, smart TV. It's pretty slick.
Did you notice? The first thing we watched on it was The Dark Knight Rises.
We celebrated "opening night" with our neighbors, the Ozzies, and homemade Italian food: pizza, pasta & sauce, salad, Dr. Pepper (Dr. Pepper is Italian, right? though I can't claim it's homemade).

Okay, I admit, we were planning on getting a TV anyway, but the kicker is we also bought a Tablet (with which the above photo was taken and from which this post was published). If you know Doug, you know he's sworn to never buy an iphone, ipad, etc because they're too complicated. But he surprised me by caving and buying a Blackberry 64GB playbook. I'm loving it, and loving that it's mine (it is mine... right, honey?).

Christmas came early in this household.

Dec 6, 2012

Am I eating because I'm bored?

Blog- what's a blog?
Update - oh, you can't read my mind?

So I've been horrible at blogging lately. I can't promise it's going to change, especially since we're spending a good chunk of time on vacation soon. But I thought I'd update you on a key change to Ben's lifestyle: FOOD!

YES! Ben is eating rice cereal, pears, avocado, and we're trying banana later today. He's loving it. And so am I. Who knew introducing new foods to your child could be so much fun? Only parents probably. Ben stares at us when we eat, eyeing the food (and drink) from the plate (or cup) to our mouths. Does every baby do that? Yes, and you don't care, I know, but really, it's so much fun.Try it. Get a baby, and you'll find out.

Lack of updates: Ben doesn't seem motivated to move around. Hence no sitting, crawling, rolling, nothing. Actually I'm sure he'll be sitting pretty soon, he's almost got it. I'm not worried - I think mothers worry too much. Oh, he's walking already? Your child sleeps through the night? You let him suck his fingers? She's still in diapers? You don't nurse her anymore!? You're still nursing her!!?? You don't buy organic food? You bought her clothes at the store?!  I mean, really, it gets a little ridiculous. I'd be lying if I didn't think those things ever (I mean, who doesn't exclusively sew their children's clothes?) but I don't like thinking them.

Didn't think you were getting a rant, did you? 

Anyways, apparently we don't take enough pictures, but here are a few from Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, by the way! 

What I've always wanted - a baby on my lap.

Sporting his fav NZ slippers





nom nom nom
Now on to Christmas...
In a few days I'll show you a BIG, I mean really BIG surprise.
That may or may not have to do with Christmas presents.
You'll never guess so don't even try.
I wouldn't have thought Doug would take the plunge.
But he has.
And I am thrilled!!!
So stay tuned.