Jun 18, 2013

Benjamin's First Birthday

Benjamin is one and I'm only just barely getting around to hanging up some adorable 6 mos pictures of him. hah! C'est la vie.

We celebrated the big ONE with family in New York with all the grandparents, cousins, most of the aunts and uncles (missed you, Brian!), and even some second cousins. Because I'm totally lame when it comes to picture taking all these NY pictures are photos Carrie took (thanks, Carrie!).

On Saturday early early morning, ohhhh around 12:28, we were driving home and stopped to think about this time 12 months ago. Okay, so we actually missed 12:28, it was more like 12:32 haha, but let's just pretend here. I would go through pregnancy, labor and delivery all again ten times over because he is so worth it. (11 times is pushing it though...)

Ben doesn't really like being thrown, but we do it anyway ...

That evening we celebrated with cupcakes (the mix inherited from the Blevins!) topped with whipped cream and raspberries. YUM. Benjamin liked it too!

Benjamin's personality shining through:

  • He's beginning to tantrum 
  • His favorite food is/are raspberries 
  • His favorite book is How do Dinosaurs go to School (this SAVED us on the airplane!)
  • He definitely understands the words: Benjamin, Ben, diaper, light, milk, outside, bath, pacifier
  • He probably understands the words: bottle, Momma, Dadda, park, stroller, food, eat, book, TV, fan
  • His best friend is Zack Ransom - though he likes any kid under 2 that walks through our door
  • He still loves his paci
  • His favorite game is toppling over towers or getting chased
I am so looking forward to this next year with my boys. We have such a wonderful little family :).

Jun 9, 2013

AZ trip

Hello from the hot and sweaty land of North Carolina. We just got back from a three week vacation - one week in Arizona, two in New York. We had a great time and Benjamin sorely misses the constant entertainment and lovins :).

Here are some pictures from Arizona. We stayed with the Lemmies (Miriam and I are besties from college) and she graciously acted as our tour guide.

skyping with Doug
Doug was afraid Ben would forget him! He didn't forget, of course, and Ben would often only leave me for Doug.
cousins and second cousins
We visited lots of family. Ben met his second cousins and his great grandparents. He was such a trooper with all the traveling every day. Which reminds me - the transition to Arizona (ie: 3hr time difference) wasn't nearly as bad as I predicted. He actually slept better in AZ than he had the few weeks before in NC haha. Maybe it had something to do with playing with his little roommate all day long (see below). Ben's crawling speed legitimately increased several mph!

Great Grandma Standage
Josh and Miriam spoiled me with delicious chicken tikka masala, steak, burgers, pasta, pie, chocolate covered almonds... need I go on?

Josh's signature steak. yummm

Strawberry and rhubarb pie

Benjamin at his Uncle Jonathan's grave

Great Grandma Driggs

Sporting a brand new quilt from great Grandma!

at the pool in Miriam's complex. heavenly.
Phoenix Zoo

Benjamin's "little roommate"

Benjamin after the splash pad was done with him :)
We made some awesome memories and I'm sad it went by so quickly. We look forward to next time :).