Jul 25, 2009

The Y

Maria is here to visit us :). Okay, she is actually here to go to EFY but she gets to stay with us before and after. YAY! So we decided we would do lots of fun things unique to Provo. One of these things was hiking the Y.

Us, sitting on the Y. Overlooking glorious Provo.
We left at 7:15 to avoid the heat...

Maria, on top of "die Welt" (see above picture).
Maria almost threw up on the way down.
Doug said "I hiked the Y freshman year, and either I don't remember how hard it was, I am out of shape, or the mountain changed." He's banking on the moutain having changed...

Maria and I are pretty much really strong. Doug didn't make it.

Jul 18, 2009

Ring out the old, ring in the new

So as you may have noticed, our little apartment was bare the last time you checked. WELL. As of 15 minutes ago, it has taken on a few homier touches.


Notice the pictures, coffee table ($5 at a garage sale)... and the new layout.

And this just gives you another nice view featuring the clock, couch and new photos.

Those are pretty much the only changes, but it feels great :)

This is my marvelous husband. Notice the definition of the muscles.