Aug 26, 2011

And the pictures are in!

Let's face it, it'll be a while (if ever) until I get things perfect. So here are pictures of what our apartment looks like today.

What you see on the right when you walk in

I can't decide if I should take that long table away completely...

The den. with chess set

Without chess set... what do you think? Not that it really matters.

The Kitchen, the front door is on the left.


I know, it's not that exciting...

But this is!!! It's my favorite room in the house :) I mean, apartment

And the bedroom

And from the other corner
Pictures, clocks, and lighting are to go up next week - hopefully! I would love to hear your decorating/designing recommendations. I'm not married to my organization, nor do I have a natural eye for these things.

Aug 25, 2011


We are finally here!! Well, we got here on Saturday, so I'm obviously a little behind. But I have an excuse.. we don't have internet yet. Fortunately, that will be remedied next week. So, things I love about our place. 
  • It's in a "good" area. The surrounding neighborhood is lower income, older, smaller houses built on cul de sacs (I had to look up how to spell that!). So, I see that as a good thing.
  • nice carpet
  • washer and dryer
  • dishwasher (other than me!)
  • pool and gym in the complex
  • the apartment complex is gated
  • helpful maintenance workers
  • we're a 10 minute drive from Duke
  • washer and dryer... again
  • we have a piano!
  • church is like Utah church

    Things I don't like quite as much.
    • the smell that currently resides in our kitchen and living area
    • our friends are all over the world instead of next door
    • we don't have internet yet
    • NC has hurricanes
    • and earthquakes
    • and is hot hot hot
    • church is like Utah church

      Do you know what I mean about Utah church? Let me tell you. And keep in mind that it's in both categories, so it's more of a thing I noticed. Our ward is huge. There are lots of University students, young couples, and BABIES. The Sunday school president introduces the Sunday school teacher (I've only ever seen that in Utah). They have lots of callings, and a variety of callings - probably because there are so many active and willing members. There is an advertising committee - again, going with lots of talented people - and this means that we have cute, decorated billboards. Actually, cute billboards are something I'm seeing all around nowadays, but I'll probably always connect it to Utah because I saw it there first.
      Fun, random fact: yesterday, every single car (5) in our row had a license plate from a different state. I see NY license plates everywhere!! Weird, right?

      Oh, and Maria's at college now. Weirder...
      yup, her...good luck!!!
      I can't wait to show you pictures of our apartment! Once I get things organized, I'll post some. :) Then you can compare with wymount. haha. hahaha...

      Aug 16, 2011

      Moving Truck

      The moving truck comes today! Which is crazy because last week we had only enough stuff to fit in our car - now we have more than we've ever had. We bought a bed, dressers, and TV from my dad. We were given a couch and matching chairs, kitchen table and chairs, side tables, a coffee table, my childhood rocking chair, and Doug's piano by our families. We are upgrading to quality stuff!

      I'm getting quite excited to design and decorate our new apartment. I'm even more excited for the dishwasher, washer, and dryer that will grace our new home. Oh, life is going to be grand. 

      On the other hand, I will miss all the family and friends that are in New York. Doug's parents generously let us live with them this summer. I admit, I was a little apprehensive at first, but they are so wonderful, fun, and busy that living with them was stress-relieving. (Though it probably wasn't that way for them!) Doug's grandparents and extended family was so close too! I especially loved getting to know Carrie and Sophia (and John too, I guess...haha just kidding). 

      we're cute
      My family was only ever an hour's drive away at most, and it was delightful spending so much time at the lakehouse with them! I'm really going to miss living so close to Sarah, Daniel, and Maria. Maybe next summer :D.

      Now I look forward to living closer to Grandma Christie and Grant and Heather. The Fergusons and Stricklans are also in NC! What fun, what fun.

      Aug 9, 2011

      After a long day of work...

      This is what I'm looking forward to tonight!