Sep 3, 2013

Well this is what happens when you lose your camera: no pictures. Go figure. Combine that with summer laziness and you get a lapse in updates for which I'm sure you've been sitting on the edge of your seat!

The first big piece of news is that Maria got married to Jeff (hooray!) and they are now living in Wymount in the same apartment that our best friends lived in. Hah! So we've eaten more dinners, played more wii, and generally spent more time in their apartment than they have so far. Wild, right?

Secondly, while we were in Spokane celebrating their marriage, Ben decided to walk. Don't be surprised when you see him crawling though, it's still his favorite mode of transportation. [I would love to show you the video we have of him but I can't get blogger to post it - help, anyone?? Meanwhile, see facebook.] In other news, Benjamin is still as adorable as ever. His hair is getting a little unruly but he has made it quite clear that the clippers are not getting within 3 feet of him. So that's a no-go. Hopefully his hair just stops growing until he can be reasonable?

He also speaks and signs. It's adorable how thrilled he is to communicate with us. We are constantly amazed at how quickly he is becoming a kid instead of a baby. In case you're interested, and especially if you're not, here's a list of the words he says (*signs):
  • mama
  • dada
  • aus (I want that)
  • vroom
  • *more
  • *ball
  • *all done
  • *milk
So we are having so much fun. He absolutely loves steering wheels, things on wheels, and balls. His favorite things to do are go on walks in his stroller, go swimming, and chase/get chased by Doug. He hates church and restaurants (correction: sitting while in church or at restaurants).

Doug started school again. His research is going well (though not as quickly as he would like) and he always finds time to play with Ben, eat dinner with us, and help around the house (most of the time anyway...).

I'm busy entertaining Ben (and teaching him how to entertain himself so I don't have to work so hard!), reading tons, and working 6 hrs a week babysitting/cleaning houses. Side note: PLEASE go on goodreads and add me as a friend. I'd love to know what you're reading and especially what you think of the books you read. I'm seriously on there once or twice a week; I've made a goal to read 50 books this year and I'm on track to make it. Plus, book club starts next Tuesday *squeal.* I'm also starting a ballet class which starts this Saturday.

I'm a little worried I'm busying myself too much so I'm going to have to actually try to stay home or we'd be leaving the house every day - and that's just exhausting. In that spirit, you might not see another blog post for a here's to not over-exerting myself!

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