Mar 26, 2014

Important things

I didn't realize motherhood would... 
be so tedious.
require this much cleaning.
take over my identity.
make my boobs sag. 
mean relishing nap time.
be so messy.
drain me so completely.
compete for my husband's time.
close off some friendships and open up others.
mean managing incredible pressures from all sides.
make me decide which important things are more important.
blur some lines and sharpen others.
make me look young and naive to others.

I couldn't possibly have known...
I would memorize all of the Robin Hood Disney movie in a month.
it'd be so easy to fill my days, and so much harder to slow life down.
how much love my heart can hold.
how many pictures I can take and how many more I wish I had taken.
how many trips we'd take to the library.
my husband would make my job that much easier.
that my faith and trust in God would go through spontaneous, tremendous growth spurts.
that I'd still have plenty of time for myself.
the value of primary songs.
that I would ever appreciate the mundane things.
how closely I'd be watched.

I still don't know
my breaking point.
how much more I can love.
how many cries I'll comfort.
if I'm doing it right.

but I do know
I'm not alone.
this is what I want to be doing.
this is what I'll want to be doing.
this is worth it.
I will make it happen.


Elise said...

Beautiful! I love it.

Kim Loose said...

Max is very fond of Robin Hood too. And amen to all of it. Being a mother is such a blessing and opens your eyes to the blessings of a good husband and a loving and attentive God.

Christine said...

This is beautiful -- love your testimony of motherhood!

Miriam L. said...

Heh heh. Saggy boobs. But seriously, this was beautiful.