Jan 27, 2015

Perfect Day

Today was simply beautiful. Part of the reason it was so great was that Ben and I didn't have the car so there was no easy way to get out of the house. Most of the time I feel rushed. Like we have too much going on. So today we just chilled at home; a much needed staycation.

Ben started off the day by making cakes with blankets and airplane wings in bowls. We cackled together as we ate it like monsters. That inspired us to make real cake! Which we did, of course. Then we ate it -  like civilized people - after lunch. Ben also made bean muffins today (he's obviously on a cooking spree!). In case you don't know how to make bean muffins here is the recipe:
1. pour dry pinto beans into bowl
2. stir
3. evenly disperse beans into muffin tins
4. put them in the oven (under the couch cushion)
5. enjoy!
There you have it.

Benjamin also potty trained like a pro today. He is sporadically motivated by the promise that once he is potty trained he can ride a real train. He will pee in the potty when asked though he has yet to poo. He likes being dry and clean but will definitely pretend he is to avoid a diaper change!

The laundry basket served multiple functions today. Once it was clear of dirty laundry it became an airplane in which Ben flew (aka was carried around by yours truly) around the house crashing into various objects. Later it was kitty's home from which she "escaped" several times - we bribed her back with treats, never fear.

Ben also watched a few episodes of Dinosaur Train - his new favorite TV show. I'm thrilled with this development because I like having a child who likes dinosaurs (as opposed to be terrified of them! which he was only a few weeks ago). This opens up a whole new world to us! I found some dinosaur toys at a consignment sale recently. In the set are dinosaurs resembling a Lambeosaurs, a Pteranodon, and a T-Rex. All of those feature prominently in the Dinosaur Train so Ben acts it out as we watch :). He also knows the first episode (of season 2) well enough that he says the lines with the characters. I could just gobble him up, I swear.

Nap time happened today too. See, I told you this day was perfect. Ben snuggled up all "nice and cozy" in a "nest" under his bed. Yes, he has been sleeping under his bed for a few weeks now. It actually works out to my advantage because I threaten to make him sleep on top of his bed if he comes out of his room. This has made going to bed at nap time and night time a breeze. Speaking of bed time, part of our routine is to read scriptures. He is very vocal about not reading out of the real scriptures. We fought him on it for months until we tried the Children's picture scriptures - you know which one I'm talking about - and he loves it! He actually is remembering what happened and knows some names. I'm so impressed!

After nap we walked to the park. Ben led the way narrating whether we were on the sidewalk or on the road because the other was too muddy, or branches were blocking the way, or we had to go around a car, or a car was coming. It was freezing so the park wasn't as much fun as it usually is. Nonetheless, Ben still didn't want to come home! I bribed him back with treats, never fear.

I love days like this. I thank God for my beautiful child and my happy life. 

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